Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Today's reading

Washington Post
Coalition Vows to Fight Stadium
Angelos, MLB yet to Agree on Compensation

Washington Times
Expos Let Some Good Ones Escape
Collins Weighs Bid on Expos

The Name Thing

Charles, aka The First Commenter, asks "what will the team be called in 2005? My fear is that, like the Tennessee Oilers, they will end up keeping the completely inappropriate name of their earlier home."

My favorite so far is the Blue Sox, which I first heard suggested by one of the WTOP announcers, and which, as they pointed out, would mean MLB would finally have a Red, White, and Blue Sox (buh-dum-bum).

My colleague Terry Eastland suggests the Washington Exposés, though I think that sounds a little too French and maybe a little too mediacentric, as well. And with that, the floor is open for your ideas.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mr. Watson, come here. Washington has a baseball team.

Welcome to the DCBaseblog, where we will chronicle the growing pains of Major League Baseball's newest franchise, follow the plans for the new stadium, offer our two cents' worth on the naming of the team, bite the ankles of the new owners, whoever they turn out to be, discuss the ins and outs of season ticket pricing, and much much more. Eventually we may even talk about baseball.